Gig Ads / 14 maj, 2019

Become a Brand Ambassador at Gigstr – Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim.

Do you want to work with representing brands in stores, at events and as a sales force? Do you want to have the opportunity to learn about experience marketing and sales? Do you want to work with large and small companies and be trained in their products and services? Become a Brand Ambassador at Gigstr!

Gigstr is building an ever growing community of Brand Ambassadors who work with representing brands at events, in stores and as a sales force. As Brand Ambassador at Gigstr, it is up to you to choose how, when and where you want to work.

This is how it works

  • Register your interest here.
  • Get in touch for an introduction and interview where we try to match you with our active gigs. We have part-time, full-time and extra-time gigs.
  • Prior to every new gig that you have booked in, we ensure that you get all the information, training and coaching needed for you to succeed with your gig.

In our community you will meet people who work part-time with other passion projects, study at the university or have just completed their high school studies. People who want to work more flexibly and are passionate about representing brands.

As a Brand Ambassador, you always receive a fair salary, holiday pay and are insured when you are working.

Gigstr is growing and we currently have tons of gigs waiting to be filled. Everything from ongoing and part-time gigs to gigs that last a week or as little as one day. To name a few of the companies that you can work for, we have Unilever, Norrsken Foundation, Harman Kardon, JBL, 3, Hallon and Tre Vänners Glass.

We are looking for outgoing and driven people all over Sweden and Norway and we love to hear from you. Register your interest below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Apply to our introduction today and start working tomorrow.  


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