Gigstr Team

Why does Gigstr exist?

"I wish this was around when I studied" is a phrase we often hear. This phrase is our main source of motivation. We want to make gig work as fun, secure, motivational and simple as possible for all the ambitious talent who prefer gigging within events, sales and marketing over a regular nine-to-five job. Through the Gigstr app, our project managers and your amazing gigs we’re creating an inspiring and motivating work-life for our gigstrs.

What is our secret sauce?

Motivated gigstrs are our ’secret sauce’. When we started Gigstr back in 2016 we wanted to work with Scandinavia's foremost companies. In order for them to share this ambition we had to offer them Scandinavia’s most motivated and engaged brand ambassadors. And so we did. During the first part of our journey we had the opportunity to work with companies ranging from telecom giants such as Halebop and Telia, to FMCG brands such as Paolos, Skånemejerier and Kavli, to some of Northen Europe’s most well-renowned events agencies.

Why is the Gigstr app so revolutionary?

Our gigstrs loved gigging with the Gigstr app as their tool and when we during 2018 allowed for companies to post their gigs directly in the app, some of Europe’s most impressive growth companies started posting gigs. iZettle, Norrsken and Klarna have all done gigs via Gigstr. Cool companies create even more motivated gigstrs and our community has today surpassed 20,000 people spread across the Nordics and UK. We believe that smart technology can connect jobseekers with companies more seamlessly. This allows for a healthier and more flexible labour market. This is our take on the Gig Economy.

Does the face-to-face meeting really matter?

The digital space is over-crowded and the face-to-face customer meeting is once again a critical part of any marketing mix. To be where your customers are, regardless if you do it with demos, samplings, events or popup stores, will be crucial in imbuing credibility and building relationships. No matter if you are marketing a food brand, have a web shop or are a tech startup - when your competitors fight for digital banners and ad space you can build real-life relationships and drive sales where your customers are. We’d love to help you with this.

Where can we help you?

The Gigstr app is available for companies posting gigs in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe and Copenhagen.

Gigstr’s tailored solutions are available across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and UK.

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