Gigstr Team

Welcome to Gigstr!

Gigstr is founded on the insight that companies and people need flexibility in how they conduct work. Since our start in 2016, we have experienced this in several different markets and contexts. Sales and marketing organisations seemed to enjoy the benefits of working with us the most, and since then we have partnered up with a broad range of exciting companies.

The sales and marketing professionals we proudly call our clients have realised that it is difficult to reach decision makers and consumers without an element of face-to-face. Whether you run your own sales channels or use resellers your marketing mix often requires a certain aspect of real life representation.

Historically, this would mean setting up a local office in each area you wanted to be present in, or outsource to an expensive agency. Both involved costs and risks and were rarely particularly flexible. We set out on a mission to change this.

Gigstr is designed to match and introduce the right representatives to your brand and thus, make them your representatives. Since your brand ambassadors take on several gigs via us, you can be more flexible in your efforts. And the more continuous the efforts, the better the effect.

In addition to representing our clients and helping them reach their goals, all our staff are equipped with the Gigstr app. This enables them to collect field data and market insights, which helps you improve your routines, strategies, efficiency and results.

Today, we staff companies and run sales and marketing teams all over the Nordics. We continuously recruit new ambassadors to represent our customers on the field, at the office, in stores or at events. Simply put, you gain access to an external sales and marketing force. Both continuously and for shorter efforts. When you need it, where you need it.

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