Gigstr in Dagens Nyheter on being the staffing app surviving Brexit

Gigstr in Dagens Nyheter: The Staffing Company that Defies Brexit

December 22 2017

Hear Mikael Angesjö‘s, Head of Gigstr UK, thoughts on how Brexit will impact Gigstr and the broader London gig economy in Sweden’s largest paper Dagens Nyheter.  He also explains how Gigstr is not just a one-stop-shop for work, and how the Gigstr community is making waves on a global scale. 

In uncertain times, not knowing if and when to hire, it is an enormous advantage for companies to hire flexibly. Gigstr helps them with this. In the wake of Brexit these uncertainties are going to grow, and services like the Gigstr will become increasingly beneficial. While many companies leave London and the UK Gigstr stands tall, hoping to provide flexible staffing to even more uncertain businesses. To read the full article (in Swedish, requires a DN login), click here.



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