Gigstr in the Press / 25 September, 2018

Gigstr in DI Digital (SE)

Gigstr in DI Digital: The Successful Staffing App

October 23 2017

Gigstr was featured in startup magazine DI Digital with article on the company’s success and how the journey from an event agency to a gig platform really went. In an interview Founder and CEO Rasmus Solholm explained how simple the idea behind Gigstr is. The gigstrs who generally are employed by Gigstr are acting as freelancers via the Gigstr platform, where companies post temp and part time jobs. Having removed most of the lengthy processes old school staffing companies normally apply Gigstr can offer a more seamless service at a substantially lower price point.

He also premiered the news that Gigstr is opening an office in London, which will be led by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s former SVP Mikael Angesjö.

Read the article in full here.

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