Gigstr in the Press / 25 September, 2018

Gigstr in EFN (SE)

Gigstr in EFN: The App Replaces the Boss in the Gig Economy

June 26 2017:

The trend is now a paradigm, the Gig Economy is here! Gigstr CEO Rasmus Solholm was interview by Swedish business news channel EFN on how the Gig Economy will affect the Swedish labour market. Here’s a summary:

We’ve come far in the Gig Economy development. 20-30% in the EU and US are doing some type of gig based work, but only 15 % use a platform for this work. The platform has democratised the job search process where personal connections play a smaller role and your actual skill set is instead growing more and more important. The matching of workers and work becomes more seamless.

On the question of how the Gig Economy resonates with the current labour market, workplace security and unions Solholm replies that there is work to be done by all parts of the labour market. Together we can ensure the gigger an as safe work environment as possible. But we need cooperation for this. Bank loans and mortgages to name one, need to be evaluated not only based on your fixed incomes.

The idea of gigging is booming within the millennial generation. We see an ever-increasing urge for work-life flexibility, something the Gig Economy truly can offer.

Watch the full interview with Gigstr CEO and Founder Rasmus Solholm (in Swedish) here.



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