Gigstr in on gigging workforce to increase flexibility

Gigstr in The Staffing App Making E-comemrce Lives Easier

August 10 2017

The Gigstr app for staffing and recruitment caught the attention of They quickly understood the benefits for the e-commerce industry, bound by sales peaks, seasonal variations and campaign periods. Gigstr Head of Marketing Alexander answered their questions, here’s a summary:

With both Black Friday and Christmas around the corner many online retailer wonder how they are going to cope with this autumn’s intense sales peaks. The answer? Gigstr, according to The need to be able to scale up and down according to these fluctuations is vital for a cost-cautious online retailer. The gig model also allows for greater flexibility for the job taker, who often is a student or young professionals in the beginning of his or her career. A win-win that is. Gigstr is actively working with the e-commerce industry, a sector that will continue to grow immensely.

You can read the full article (in Swedish) here.

If you instead want to read Gigstr’s exposé on how you can use on demand teams and pop-up stores to complement your online efforts, you do so here.



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