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Gigstr in Dagens Media´s Gig Economy exposé (SE)

Gigstr in Dagens Media: The Gig Economy Uncovered

September 13 2017

Gigstr was center stage in Dagens Media’s big Gig Economy exposé. In this seven part special Gigstr’s CEO and Head of Marketing, key customers and gigstrs got to tell their stories in the Gig Economy, its ups, downs and how it’s helping companies and individuals grow. Here is a short summary:

In part one Gigstr CEO and Founder Rasmus Solholm alongside Head of Marketing Alexander Åström tell Gigstr’s story. Gigstr is on a mission to make the Swedish labour market more flexible and effective. The era of digitalisation has enabled us and our technology to replace the expensive in inefficient middle man that is traditional staffing. It’s now hassle-free, fast and simple to hire staff on demand. On the worker’s side of the labour market the traditional 9-5 job is free falling. This increase urge for flexibility suits businesses and job takers alike. You can read the full article (in Swedish), with a Dagens Media subscription, here.

In part two Gigstr user Halebop was interviewed on what the Gigstr app has meant for them. Their answer can be summarised into ‘flexibility’. Head of Sales Nicklas Stuxgren said that using Gigstr and gigstrs enables Halebop to shorten lead times and be present where their target groups are. With no brick and mortar stores the gigstrs become the true face of the brand. These flexible jobs suits the gigstr well – they are often students and young professionals with other engagements parallell to this. It is a great way to get a foot in to the labour market. You can read the full article (in Swedish), with a Dagens Media subscription, here.

In part four of the exposé we get to meet some of the gigstrs. One is them is Gustav, a 21 year old part time gigstr. He combines gigging with a part time job in a grocery store. Combining a fixed income with extra gigs allows for a great work week set up. He loves the fact that he can tailor his own work week and not returning to the same workplace every day. We also meet Victor, a gigstr within PR and marketing, who has a part time traineeship at a PR agency and takes gig in tandem with this. He is driven by the fact that he can work for various brands, companies, in various industries, meeting various people. You can read the full article (in Swedish), with a Dagens Media subscription, here.

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