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Gig Economy: Business / 24 September, 2018

Gig Staffing Your Organisation

Gig-staffing your Organisation – a Dangerous Trend or Here to Stay?

Wondering why you should start using a gigging workforce? Want our 5 top reasons why giggers will make your organisation more efficient? Thought so!

Exclusively for you, here it is – the English version of the article Joakim Nyman at the HR consultancy Consultatum and myself wrote for Sydsvenskan – southern Sweden’s largest newspaper. Have a read an give us your thoughts:

The labour market is moving! In an increasingly connected world trends are easily created and spread. One of these trends is the Gig Economy. This disruptive market force has shaken up old-school staffing and has during its maturation received both proponents and critics, as well as winners and losers.

Scandinavian companies have insofar neither become winners or losers – simply because they haven’t dared to jump into the Gig Economy, and thusly, have not been able to enjoy and harvest its fruits. So before we’re completely out of fruits, it is time to step up the game.

Employers have many reasons to start incorporating a gigging workforce into their organisation, here is the top 5:

  1. It is easier to set up goals and measure results when working in gig and project form
  2. A more dynamic workweek, i.e. deciding when and where to work, increases stimulus and motivation
  3. Tying personnel costs to specific projects or campaigns is cost efficient and more easily evaluated
  4. Companies can focus on their core business and outsource other must-do’s to giggers, being specialized within that particular area.
  5. Responsiveness and adaptability to both expected and unexpected changes increase.

The Gig Economy is starting to remodel the labour market. ”Work” as we know it is no more, or at least deserves a new definition. Scandinavian entrepreneurs have throughout the last couple of years created million dollar company after million dollar company, and our youngsters have all of a sudden gotten new role models – Spotify’s Daniel Ek and Daniel Wellington’s Filip Tysander, to name a few. The old-fashioned life-time employment career path is dying.

When job-takers in an ever larger extent want to choose how much, when, and where to work (McKinsey, 2016) this can benefit both themselves and the employers. Companies today are facing a workload that is shifting along with seasons, campaign periods and sales peaks. Furthermore, assignments and responsibilities are often tied to projects, and have clear start and finish dates. This in turn leads to more temporary and project employments, and voilà, the circle of (work) life is completed.

For you companies that still suffer from a too low a staff turn-over (yes, such a thing exists) – there is still hope, lots of it even. The labour market is continuously developing, and gigging is yet only in its inception. Often discussed as the future way to work, staff and make a career, but still criticized, makes one wonder whether gigging really is a dangerous trend or here to stay. For the above reasons, we are convinced about the latter.

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