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Become a gigstr to earn money by working flexibly representing brands within events, promotions and sales.

Our motivated gigstrs

How does Gigstr work?



When you have created a profile with Gigstr you will be invited to an intro where you will learn about Gigstr, our various gigs and being a gigstr.



Prior to every gig you will receive gig specific training, where you will learn all there is to know in order to give 110% on the field.


Work flexibly

With Gigstr, you can gig when, where and how much you want. Our gigs range from a couple of ours to ongoing part-time gigs and seasonal promotion tours.

What is a gig?

Gigstr consists of a diverse community of driven and outgoing gigstrs who have two things in common. 1. They prefer to work with varying assignments rather than fixed roles. 2. They love to work with brand building and promotional activities. In other words, they love to gig, which primarily is done through…

ett gig

Event staff, event host/ess, waiting staff, Rigging & Packing, Product launches


Field sales, Sampling, Road shows, Product trainers, Sales force, Flyering


Store sales, Demos, Merchandising, Mystery shopping, In-store events


Still searching for answers? Below you can check out some of Gigstr’s most commonly asked questions?

Who can work via Gigstr?

You must be over 18 years old to work via Gigstr . Further, you need to be an eligible citizen or have a work permit/visa in one of the countries where Gigstr is active, which currently are Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Finally, you should inhabit the service skills, professionalism and general characteristics expected of a gigstr.

Salary & Minimum wage

As a gigstr you get paid by the hour.

In order to provide safe and fair working conditions for our gigstrs, our minimum hourly salary starts at 120 SEK ( + vacation pay and insurance whilst on the gig). The hourly rate can vary based on the complexity and qualifications required for a gig. This will be stated in the ad.

Finally, if a gig offers commission in addition to the hourly rate it will be specified in the gig ad.

When/How do I get paid as a gigstr?

As a gigstr you get paid on the 25th the month after you have worked. E.g. if you have worked on the 15th of June, you will get paid on the 25th of July.

You provide your bank details in the app.

Important: Your salary is based on the time reporting that is sent in when you check in and check out from your shift. Therefore, if you haven't checked out from a gig, we're not able to pay out your salary. So please take an extra look at your schedule to make that you've checked out correctly from all your scheduled gigs.

What defines a gigstr?

Solution-Oriented & Driven: A gigstr shall be driven, self-motivated, solution-oriented and thrives when taking own initiatives.

Service minded: A gigstr wants to go the extra mile to offer fantastic service and be part of creating memorable activities for everyone involved.

Outgoing personality: A gigstr is outgoing, positive and flexible. Finding it easy to adapt to different groups and environments in order to successfully connect with customers and clients.

Give 100%: Perhaps the most important attribute of them all. As a gigstr one always ensures to give 100% when at a gig.

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