Hire students for free with Gigstr's new update

Why we are giving away our product for free…

80% of students say they worry about money, 67% say they finance their studies with part-time jobs and 51% are not confident that they will find a job after graduation.  

Up until now our offer has been for company users to hire students via us. Third-party hiring, or staffing, as opposed to hiring on your own is great for some and less great for others. By solely focusing on our business we feel that we are limiting our possibilities to make a difference.

We have since the start worked actively for fair jobs and contracts, as well as salaries and conditions. Earlier this year The Telegraph even mentioned our quest to make the Gig Economy more ethical. But we want to do more.

Therefore we have decided to no longer be a platform limited to those who want to buy our services. We want to be a platform for students. A platform that makes a difference for students. Thus, we are now welcoming all companies with work opportunities for students to use our platform, completely free of charge.

We call our new service Gigstr Free. It means that you can post everything from internships to part-time gigs and full time jobs and handle your candidates in Gigstr, for free. When you have found your staff you decide for yourself if you want hire them via us (with admin and liabilities handled) or on your own. If you choose to do the former you are free to do so, free of charge.

So welcome to a new Gigstr. A platform for students without being held back by the shackles of commercial greed. Do you want to join? Do you want try our platform? Welcome. Together we can make a difference.

Rasmus Solholm, Founder of Gigstr, October 2018.

Gigstr app as free recruitment tool



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