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Interviews & Talks / 20 September, 2018

Johan Ramström Interview

The Young Professional: Johan Ramström, Dist Sthlm

Here’s Johan Ramström, co-founder of Dist Sthlm. We talked career paths, Andreas Carlsson’s life advice, and how to get invited to Mötley Crew after parties. Inspiring, fun, and totally worth a read. Ready? Let’s go!


Age: 42

Occupation: co-founder Dist Sthlm

Location: Stockholm

Hi Johan! Describe yourselves in three words.

Driven, stubborn, positive.


You are the co-founder of Dist Sthlm. How did you end where you are today?

Many lucky turns. I’ve been working in the music industry for 20 years. I started out as a songwriter and producer. Later I started my own publishing company, record label and management. After 20 years I was ready for new challenges and when my good friend Stefan had the same urge to build a new company, Dist Sthlm happened.


Can you pinpoint one of the most important crossroads in your career?

Meeting Andreas Carlsson when I just started my music career. Andreas was involved in the number #1 #2 and #4 song on the billboard chart. He told me only a per mile working with music can make a living out of it. Totally inspired me and I moved to Stockholm and set up my studio. A couple of weeks later I was producing songs for international artists written by songwriters such as Paul Stanley, Billie Steinberg and Andreas Carlsson.


Why is music (and senses) so important when it comes to business?

Music immediately connects your brain to your feelings, emotions and memories. Used correctly in business and marketing, music can gain many advantages and find the way to new fans and customers..


What are your primary skills within what you do?

Being stubborn as hell.. I tweak, learn and listen and then tweak again until it succeeds.


What’s the biggest cliché you’ve encountered in your career?

I was invited backstage after a Motley Crüe show to setup dates for a writing session with Mick Mars. When I got back there, Tommy Lee had a backstage party going on.. Waiting to get in to his room was a line with at least 50 Pamela Anderson look-a-likes.. The bouncer was checking them out before they could get in to the rock n´ roll drummer… to compete for his attention with the other 50 Pamela look a likes who already was approved and granted access. Totally expected 😉


What’s your best piece of life advice for a confused 20 year-old?

Travel the world!


It’s Thursday morning, -10C outside and you’re really tired. How to you motivate yourself?

I would go outside and throw snowballs. Then I go and try to win all “micro games” the day is filled with.


Do you have any role models? (If so, why that person)

The people I surround myself with. I trust their feedback and input.


Johan’s top five…

Series? Game of Thrones, Mindhunter, Silicon Valley, Billions, Stranger things

Destination? New York, Gili Islands (Bali), Barcelona, Austria (all ski resorts), Amsterdam

Podcast? P3 music documentary, P3 documentary and How I built this

Mobile app? Spotify, Soundhound, iMaschine2, AKAI MPC, Svenska Spel

Spotify playlist? Primusgatan 81


Photo by Ninni Gurfvman

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