Gigstr in the Press / 25 September, 2018

Gigstr in the LINK Magazine

Gigstr in the LINK Magazine: New Ways of Employment

April 2 2018

It is said that employee loyalty is key to creating value and productivity. But what does then the future of the Gig Economy hold in store, and what will be the way forward for businesses hiring in the upcoming years? Emma Blackmore, Gigstr’s Head of Partnerships Marketing UK, claims that the Gig Economy is here to stay, but making it fairer needs to be a priority.

A company’s desire to be more flexible needs to be balanced with staying legally compliant, something Gigstr’s service platform provides for.

Read the article featuring Gigstr, Scania UK and Nox Consulting Ltd, published in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK‘s magazine The LINK. You find it in full here.


Gigstr in the Link magazine full article

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