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Interviews & Talks / 20 September, 2018

Maria Stenvinkel & Sophie Rosén-Hellström Interview

The Young Professional – Maria Stenvinkel and Sophie Hellström-Rosén, High Vibe Mornings

Hey Maria och Sophie! We think you’re really inspiring and great at what you do. Therefore, we want to get to know you a little better and get your thoughts on work and life in general. Ready? Let’s go!



Age: 32

Occupation: Entrepreneur, life coach and personal development junkie

Location: Stockholm


Age: 30

Occupation: Blogger, entrepreneur and personal development junkie

Location: Stockholm


Hi both! Describe yourselves in three words.

Sophie: Open, driven and kind

Maria: Curious, sensitive and “non-surface” kind of person.


You’re the founders of High Vibe Mornings. How did you end where you are today?

Sophie: At first I worked as a management consultant for several years and even became partner at the firm. And in doing so I realized that I didn’t feel well and that I was living a life that I felt was expected from others, instead of doing something that I genuinely wanted myself. I’ve always known that my passion and interest is personal development and connecting with people, so that’s where I went.

Maria: I always followed the traditional “recipe” for success. That lead me to land a top marketing job in Paris. After a life crises and breakdown, I realized that external success isn’t worth much if you’re not happy and excited about life. That’s how I started looking for what I was really passionate about and got into personal development.


Can you pinpoint one of the most important crossroads in your careers?

Sophie: By coincidence I met a meditation teacher at the age of 22. He taught me how to meditate and to connect with my “inner self”. That made me much more in touch with my feelings and emotions and ultimately made me cultivate self love. And that’s been my key to have the courage to follow my heart and passion in life.

Maria: When a friend of mine passed away. That’s when I started to ask myself all those questions I previously had been too scared to ponder. Like: “am I living life true to myself?” and “am I doing what I was put on this earth to do?

Before her death, I used to live as if I would live forever. I talked about dreams, but I never acted on them. I always found excuses as to why it wasn’t the right time, or fretted about how things wouldn’t work out. But then her life ended at twenty-six.


Why is High Vibe Mornings such an inspirational and important concept?

Sophie: People are now craving true connection and tools to handle all the stress that our society triggers in all of us. We must take action to create a sustainable world, not only when it comes to the environment but also for us as species. Well-being is today a skill that each individual must master.

Maria: Because we’re living in a society which focuses too much on the external success factors and things such as deadlines, stock market price and yearly revenue. Not that those things don’t matter, but we need to care for the people around us in and our organizations. There is more stress and burnout than ever before- we’re pushing boundaries further and further. Smart people and organizations are starting to realize that it’s not about working harder – it’s about working smarter. And the starting point of that is to provide the resources and tools for leaders and employees to tap into their greater potential, creativity and intrinsic motivation – and to open up the culture in organizations so we also make room for the “human” in humanity. Like Tony Robbins said, success in business is 20% strategy and 80% psychology.


What are your primary skills within what you do?

Sophie: That I “dare” to speak my truth, i.e. I’m personal and vulnerable, and that type of authenticity makes it easier for other people to open up and reflect upon themselves.

Maria: My insatiable curiosity for how we can grow and feel better mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


What are the biggest cliché you’ve encountered in your career? 

Sophie: “When I’ll have this or that I’ll be happy”. It’s never about the money, the job position, the perfect partner etc. If you’re not happy today you won’t be happy in 5 years, unless you shift and change something within yourself.

Maria: Positive thinking. Unless the feelings are there to support the thoughts, positive thinking won’t make much of a difference. Then it’s just surface level. For example, if we’re a team trying to achieve something, and someone isn’t really motivated, we could try to convince that person to get inspired. But, what makes the big difference is tapping into the intrinsic motivations. So maybe then it’s about starting with what’s clouding the view – the fears. Unveiling what’s blocking this person from moving forward and then tapping into the “what” (the inspiring goal) and then the “why” (the reason we’re doing this project/business/mission in the first place). In short, the thoughts need to be supported by the underlying feelings for things to shift.


What are your best piece of life advice for a confused 20 year-old?

Sophie: Read the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”

Maria: Meditate. It’s the starting place to connect back to yourself, your thoughts and feeling so that you can guide yourself. Mediate as you feel like doing it… lay on your bed and just relax. Put your hands on your heart and listen to soothing and calm music. Whatever floats your boat.


What are your best way to de-stress and find balance work and personal life?

Sophie: Remind myself that it’s never a matter of life and death, to get some perspective. Meditation is in my daily routine, can’t live without it.

Maria: Meditation, yoga, laughter with friends and knowing my prioritise.


Do you have any role models?

Maria: Tony Robbins – because of his hunger to end suffering for people. Oprah – because of her authenticity and ability to unapologetically “ be herself”. Gabby Bernstein – because of her femininity and ability to community about spirituality in a way that inspires and empowers a younger generation.

Sophie: Same as Maria actually haha!


Sophie’s top five…
  • Series? Friends
  • Destination? Val d‘Isère
  • Podcast? FITTLIFE – Underliv & hälsa
  • Mobile app? Swish
  • Spotify playlist? High Vibe Mornings!


Maria’s top five…
  • Series? Right now: Californication
  • Destination? New York, Barcelona and Ibiza
  • Podcast? The Lively Show
  • Mobile app? Pinterest
  • Spotify playlist? High Vibe Mornings!


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