Gigstr in the Press / 25 September, 2018

Gigstr in Medium

Gigstr in Medium: Fixing up Young Startups with Young Upstarts

August 6 2018

Medium writer Craig Ryder came across Gigstr on an London Old Street pitching event and grew fascinated. He calls Gigstr a startup’s dream, implying that Gigstr makes it easy for startups and SMEs to find and hire students and young professionals who freelance via Gigstr.  He also names Gigstr the company that fixes up young startups with young upstarts. This is done by taking on all risk by employing the gig taker, guaranteeing a fair wage. Further, Gigstr handle taxes, insurance, leave entitlement and more, so that the startups don’t have to.

Read about Gigstr and all other exciting companies in Craig’s article here.

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