Book a Speaker / 27 September, 2018

Nicole Johansson, Speaker Millennials in the Workplace

Book Nicole Johansson, Stockholm: Speaker Millennials in the Workplace and Building Your Own Brand
Gigstr Community Manager Nicole Johansson is based out of Stockholm. She is available for talks, panel discussions and interviews on the following subjects:
  • The Millennial Generation 101: Who are they and what do they want?
  • Millennials in the Workplace: How to you attract, maintain and motivate them?
  • Preparing for the Workplace: Importance of Creating a Strong Digital Presence
  • Building Your Own Brand
  • The Future of Work and The Future Workplace
She has toured universities and workplaces across Sweden teaching young professionals and companies alike on the characteristics of the Millennial generation and what the future workplace will look like. Most notably she participated in  Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs panel discussion on how the free mobility of people within the EU has shaped the Millennial generation.
You can contact Nicole directly with your speaker or interview inquiries. Contact her here.

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