How to Build Your Personal Brand



You have a personal brand. And whilst it does not define who you are, it defines how you can be perceived  by others. If you choose to define and grow your personal brand, you can actually make money off it. Here are six ways to build your personal brand and capitalise on it via Gigstr.

  1. Build your brand through recommendations

Check out the recommendations functionality in your in-app profile. As soon as you have created your profile, start collecting recommendations from people you have worked with previously. Gigstrs who have been recommended stand a bigger chance of landing a gig than gigstrs who haven’t. With Gigstr you can easily ask your former colleagues, partners, or employers to recommend you. They do not even need to have Gigstr to be able to recommend you. We suggest that you aim for 3-5 recommendations for a comprehensive overview.

  1. Make your profile stand out and get people to contact you

With Gigstr, employers can easily view your profile and choose to contact you directly. Use this to your advantage by acing your profile! This is your opportunity to showcase your amazing skills, experience and pitch, whilst making it truly unique. And don’t forget to top it all off with a great profile photo. We have found that a natural shot, showing off your smile, your eyes (without sunglasses) and your whole face (without a Snapchat filter) makes for  a positive first impression.

  1. Be proactive and apply for gigs

Aside from being able to contact gigstrs directly, employers can also easily post gigs on Gigstr. So, in short, do not sit and wait to be contacted. Take your future into your own hands and see if there are any opportunities on our gig board that take your fancy and apply. Remember, you can apply for more than one gig at a time.

  1. Make your profile the face of your business

Want more business? Or perhaps you have business coming in, but no company? No problem. Now, you can encourage employers to hire you via Gigstr. Simply go to your profile and share it directly with an employer or on social media. Through inviting people to Gigstr, they can easily view your profile, chat with you and send you a job offer directly via app. Be your own boss without all the admin.

  1. Make sure your future employer sends you a great job offer

Gigstr has developed a smooth and hassle free way for people to work together, we call it a job offer. The job offer is written by the employer and must be accepted by a gigstr before it is activated. The job offer works as a contract between you and the employer. It includes salary, hours and information about the gig such as dress code, tasks, addresses, etc. We recommend that you agree on salary, schedule and tasks prior to the employer sending you a  job offer.

  1. Be professional and receive more recommendations

A job offer is a reflection on your business. It demonstrates that you are an exceptional candidate and people want to work with you. Ensure you make the most of each job and leave a lasting impression. When you complete a gig, don’t forget to send  your employer a personal recommendation link to boost your profile. The more compelling your profile is, the more attractive you will be to future employers.

Now that you are armed with a few of our favourite branding tips, be sure to put them to the test! Good luck. Remember: It is your personal brand and business, do not settle at good, make it awesome.