How to Create a Gigstr Profile That Will Get You Noticed


Consider your Gigstr profile your modern resume and portfolio, with a twist: you can be completely honest about your goals. This isn’t like showing up to a formal job interview where you have to conceal some things and reveal others in order to land the specific job you’ve applied for. Being truthful about your ambitions and aspirations is welcomed here! So, first things first, fill out your Gigstr bio completely.

What goes into a Gigstr profile?

There’s lot to communicate when you’re building a career, so we gave you room to tell your professional story.


Get to know me

You have 300 characters to write a workable personal pitch. Say why you’re here and how you intend to use Gigstr. Hoping to connect with companies that match your education? Keen on getting into the start-up/creative/financial/real-estate world? Explain this in your pitch. For example: “I’m a student from London School of Economics looking for a part-time job. I have experience within marketing, financial, forecasting as well as analytics.

P.s. You don’t have to write in English, write in your own language.



To better match you with opportunities we have listed a set of skills: pick the ones that fit you the best and help us be even better at matching you with jobs.



Adding the languages you speak can help you getting noticed for certain roles.


Work Experience

You can add how many jobs you want, including company name and title. The time you’ve invested in your career ought to go proudly on the record!



Similarly, you can show as many institutions you want. Put those degrees to work for you, just like you worked for them.



Do you have an online portfolio, blog or similar? Here you can show-case even more of yourself.


Use a photo to complete your story.

We always suggest introducing yourself to potential matches with a professional headshot. A profile photo is a visual component to the overall story you’re telling. You don’t need to be a model, you just need to show your best self. And you know what they say: Smile and the whole world smiles with you!