Why create an employer profile on Gigstr?


If LinkedIn and Tinder had a love child, it would be Gigstr. With focus on students and young professionals and with the ability to hire directly over the platform. So, why create an employer profile on Gigstr? Well, let’s see if it suits you…


Is this you?
  • Looking to hire students or young professionals?
  • Do you want access to a growing community of top talent for free?
  • Do you want to be able to look up and contact candidates directly?
  • Do you want to be contacted directly by candidates by posting an ad?  

Did you answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions? Then you should definitely visit your app store and create an employer profile on Gigstr. Did we mention you get all the above for free?


Using the Gigstr platform means
  • You can post jobs for free
  • You can look up and contact candidates for free
  • You can hire and pay directly through us


To hire and pay through Gigstr means
  • You create a personal profile and hire for your company or for yourself.
  • You’re in charge. It’s up to you which jobs you want to post, what salary you want to offer, and which candidates you want to contact and hire.
  • If you and a candidate agree to work together, you create a job offer in the app and send it to the person you wish to hire. This job offer is your contract, which your candidate can choose to accept and report according to.
  • You can create both ongoing and time limited job offers.
  • Each month you receive a summary of all your hirings and you choose to pay by card or invoice.
  • You pay Gigstr and we handle all admin, employer liabilities and taxes. We pay your staff the salary you agree upon, taxed and ready to be used.
  • All our gigstrs are covered by standard work insurance while working.
  • We offer personal assistance. Our staff is here to assist you and is available via email, online chat or telephone.
  • You can even trial hire staff before deciding to make a permanent hire – no additional cost after 160 hours. Or simply continue to hire via Gigstr.

To sum it up. Gigstr makes it super easy to find and hire students and young professionals for jobs.