Book a Speaker / 24 October, 2018

Rasmus Solholm, Speaker Gig Economy in Scandinavia

Book Rasmus Solholm, Stockholm: Speaker Gig Economy in Scandinavia
Gigstr CEO and Founder Rasmus Solholm is based out of Stockholm. He is available for talks, panel discussions and interviews on the following subjects:
  • The Gig Economy – What is it, where did it come from and where is it heading?
  • Building a Gig Platform – The startup journey of Gigstr.
  • The Gig Economy as a Labour Market Paradigm – What do workers, employers, politicians and institutions need to do in order to keep up?
  • The Gig Economy in Scandinavia – The unique characteristics of Swedish and Scandinavian Gig Economy, and its latest developments.
Rasmus has been featured in a number of different contexts discussing the coming of the Gig Economy, most notably:
Speaker and interview inquiries are made through Gigstr’s press contact Alexander Åström. Contact him here.

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