Gigstr one of Scandianvia's top 7 most innovative companies

Gigstr Named Scandinavia’s Top 7 Most Innovative Companies

The Serendipity ”Most Innovative Companies” Challenge is over. More than 400 companies applied, and 50 qualified to the finals in TechArenan in Almedalen, Sweden. The jury, consisting of Serendipity founder Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, Serendipity Head of Acquistions Kamjar Hajabdolahi, Founder and Chairman of Collector Bank Lena Apler, and angel investor Eva Redhe judged the companies on their scalability, uniqueness, market potential, global applicability and team skills, consequently choosing the seven companies that managed to pitch their business model the best.

Together with the other six finalists, Matsmart, Sellpy, Virkesbörsen, Kognity, EatAndTheCity and Adfenix, Gigstr had the privilege to pitch in front of not just the jury, but a full TechArena.

Gigstr’s Head of Marketing, Alexander Åström, said:
”Firstly, we would like to thank the Serendipity Group for once again proving that you are a trailblazer for Scandinavian entrepreneurship. The Serendipity Challenge has truly shown itself to be Northern Europe’s most foremost entrepreneurship award, and we are honoured to be able to call ourselves one of Scandinavia’s seven most innovative companies.

This surely is an indicator that our profitable business model, team, and scalability are unique and disruptive. And just as importantly, that our fair and transparent take on the Gig Economy can lead to a more sustainable labour market where the ineffective matching of young professionals and companies is no more.”

Read more about the Serendipity Challenge and the other innovative growth companies with whom Gigstr had the privilege to exhibit alongside:

For further information contact:
Alexander Åström, Head of Marketing at Gigstr
+46 (0)704455702,

Gigstr together with the other finalists in Serendipity Challenge



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