Gigstr in the Press / 25 September, 2018

Gigstr in Starta&Driva Företag (SE)

Gigstr in Starta&Driva Företag: Gig Economy for Startups and SMEs

July 7 2018

The Gig Economy has, apart from awarding workers with a more flexible work week, also equipped startups and SMEs with a powerful tool to seamlessly find the right competence for both time limited and ongoing projects. Gigstr Founder and CEO Rasmus Solholm was interviewed by the Starta&Driva Företag magazine on how the Gig Economy allows for more cost-effective and seamless hiring for startups and SMEs.

His answer? That if you rid yourself from time consuming contract and payroll administration and use smart platforms, then your next colleague is just a click away.

He also shares anecdotes from his own startup journey and explains about how Gigstr themselves use the platform to find and hire students and young professionals for internal gigs.

Read the article in full here.

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