Gigstr in Sydsvenskan on why you should use gigging workers in your company

Gigstr in Sydsvenskan: Gig Based Organisations – What’s in it for You?

September 24 2017

Is the gig based organisation a short lived trend or the new labour market paradigm? In this Sydsvenskan article Gigstr Head of Marketing Alexander Åström argue for the latter. Together with Joakim Nyman, project manager at consultancy Consultatum he accounts for five major advantages with the the Gig Economy and gig based organisations. Here they are:

  1. It is easier to set up goals and measure results when working in gigs
  2. Deciding when and where to work increases stimulus and motivation
  3. Tying personnel costs to specific projects or campaigns is cost efficient and more easily evaluated
  4. Companies can focus on their core business and outsource other must-do’s to giggers specialized within that particular area.
  5. Responsiveness and adaptability to both expected and unexpected changes increase.

To read more about the Gig Economy phenomenon and why it benefits you as an organisation, read the full piece here (In Swedish, requires a Sydsvenskan login).



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