Gigstr in the Press / 25 September, 2018

Gigstr in The Telegraph

Gigstr in the Telegraph: The Government Must Incentivise Ethical Gig Economy

April 30 2018

Gigstr labelled the ‘ethical do-gooders’ of the gig economy. “Not all gig economy companies need be like Uber” says The Telegraph. In an article on what the government can do to incentivise ethical gig economy startups like Gigstr, the author names Gigstr along a handful other startups as trailblazers for a fairer Gig Economy.

The Telegraph describes Gigstr as a Swedish platform that connects businesses with freelancers, and has expanded to the UK on the back of its success in Scandinavia. In the article Gigstr Head of UK, Mikael Angesjo, says the he wants his freelancers to “see the gig economy as a long-term career” because “happier, more productive workers bring in clients”. This will persuade more firms to use the gig economy. Gigstr treats self-employed workers like their own staff, paying them the London Living Wage, and offering benefits like pensions plans and leave entitlement. 

Some believe that a two-tier gig economy could emerge, with highly skilled freelance consultants raking it in thanks to the likes of Gigstr and transport and errand-based gig workers stuck working for exploitative firms.

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