Sean Dougherty

Sean Dougherty

American Storyteller



English Copywriting

Searching for a native-English copywriter? Do you need to speak to an international audience, or are you looking to break into the US market? You've found the perfect resource. I'll work with you to develop compelling messages targeted to your specific audience. From content writing to punch ad concepts, I develop stories that propel your business.

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Om mig

I’m an American storyteller helping brands reach international English-speaking audiences. Whether you‘re in looking for copywriting, voice over or marketing strategy services, I’ll help you find your voice. With more than 13 years of international communications experience for brands of all shapes and sizes, I understand how to connect a great story with a business‘s strategic goals. I love to work with brands that are willing to push boundaries and challenge norms in their industry. Let’s collaborate and take your measure of success to the next level.

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Advertising Copy,Concept Development,Content Writing

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Electrolux, Jaguar Land Rover, AppJobs, Ecobloom,

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