Samaneh Mohseni Hosseinabadi

Samaneh Mohseni Hosseinabadi

Copywriter and Social Media Director| Visual Culturalist

Lund, Sweden

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Lund, Sweden

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No matter where I go, I find myself diving into research and writing, which led me to my Master's studies in architectural history and afterward to the visual culture, which I am currently studying. My journey from architecture to architectural history and now visual culture has given me an interdisciplinary approach to all my activities, looking for new things to explore and innovative ways to look at things. Although research is most of the time an individual type of work, I have had the opportunity to gain experience in working in teams, whether as a leader or as a committed member. There is a red thread of writing and communication that connects all my activities, this is my gift and I use it in various areas from research and studies to marketing and communicating; always being on the verge of creativity.

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Translation,Creative Writing,Copy writing,Social Media Communication,Communication,Cultural Work

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Företag jag har jobbat med:

Lund University, Copenhagen University

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