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    Kunskaper inom: - Street Photography - Portrait Photography - Night/Long Exposure - Product Photography - Automotive Photography Arbetat med Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro samt After Effects sedan 2015.

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    Photoshop,Lightroom,Premiere Pro ,After Effects ,Adobe Spark,Creative Photography



    Hur jag tar betalt

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    Portrait Photography

    Portrait Photography indoors or outdoors. No matter the occasion or style I'll work with you to produce the most unique looking photos to make you stand out from everyone else.

    3-5 års erf.


    Product Photography

    Simple product photography or more advanced creative shoots. You can pitch me an entire idea and let me make it come to life or give me free creative boundaries and create something based on what I think will work for the brand and its PR frame.

    1-3 års erf.


    Automotive Photography

    This is one of my main focus areas in Photography. I work with major clients such as Audi and Volkswagen on a regular basis. Some of my work is visible on my portfolio. If you want some fantastic pictures for your dealership or your private car, I'm the right guy for the job!

    1-3 års erf.

    Företag jag har jobbat med:

    Audi Stockholm, Volkswagen Stockholm, Honda Sverige, Lexus Stockholm



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