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    Hi, I'm Billy. I'm currently a Product Designer @ Zettle by Paypal where I conceive and design user-centric experiences within the Alternative Payments & Remote Payments Team. To me, UX and Digital Product design is the all-encompassing process of creative problem-solving. ​It’s the thoughtful, intentional application of design knowledge in order to craft functional & intuitive user experiences. ​For me, the appeal of the UX field comes from a fundamental urge to understand human behaviour and psychology in order to craft user-centric and empathic experiences. ​Design first struck a chord with me while discovering the Bauhaus movement when I got my Product Design Bachelors Degree at Beckmans College of Design. ​Icons like Mies Van De Rohe, Marcel Breuer and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy made me realise that there’s an inherent truth to the axiom “Form follows function” which I personally swear by to this day when designing any user experience or interface. ​How an application looks, is less important than the content and information you can engage with inside of it. A great interface, in my opinion, fades away after a while, as we stop noticing it and using it becomes natural to us. ​Which is why good design should be unobtrusive, and why less is always more.

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    Product Designer & Freelancer


    User Experience ,UX,UX/UI,Figma,Sketch,Adobe XD,Adobe Creative Cloud Suite,Product Design,Webbdesign,Digital Design,Photoshop,Illustrator,After Effects,Prototyping,User Flows,User Research,User Interface Design,UI Design,UX Design,Interaction Design



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    Product Design för digitala tjänster

    3-5 års erf.



    Företag jag har jobbat med:

    Vodafone, Zettle by Paypal



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