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Stockholm Student Consulting

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    Stockholm Student Consulting

    SSC represents a small group of top students from the Stockholm School of Economics and KTH. We offer cost-effective help today and the opportunity to find tomorrow's employees. Our customers consist of everything from start-ups to private equity companies and we have carried out various types of projects. Our main areas are strategy & development, market analysis & research as well as marketing and communications. We would love to take an unconditional meeting and discuss your company's challenges and potential ways we can add value.

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    Student consultancy firm employing top talent from SSE and KTH.


    Marknadsanalys & Research,Strategi & Utveckling,Marknadsföring & Kommunikation



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    Research & Financial Services

    We give you a competitive edge by analyzing what your competitors do, what your target audience looks like and how the rest of your stakeholders will react to your next strategic advancement. We have assisted clients with market entry research, options programmes, fundraising services and market analysis.


    Strategy & Development

    We assist you in your most critical business decisions. With some of the country’s most analytical students, we identify issues, evaluate risks and propose potential solutions to your company. Through data-driven analysis, we pinpoint ways in which you can improve your offering. Previous projects in this area have included fundraising preparation, international expansion preparation and the development of sales strategies.


    Marketing & Communications

    We help businesses create hype, reach their target audience, and find the best way to position the brand in a competitive market. Our creative consultants can assist in developing a marketing strategy, and creating communications protocols. We have previously helped companies with marketing content, graphical profiles and marketing channel evaluation.

    Företag jag har jobbat med:

    Schibsted, Alimak Group, Softhouse Invest, PLEI, Softronic, Pepicon, Defentry



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