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    I'm an Entrepreneur looking for a remote job as a Designer, Frontend Developer.I, or Web Designer. I studied Facebook Social Media Marketing, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Web Development. I have experience in working in remote teams and also independently. Studied Scrum Master Cert. Specialization & Agile with Atlassian Jira.

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    Multidisciplinary Designer with a talent for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Research


    Design,Frontend Development,HTML5,CSS3,WordPress CMS,JavaScript,Responsive Web Design,Adobe Creative Cloud,Figma,Axure RP,InVision App,Wireframing,Rapid Prototyping,Trello,Facebook Social Media Marketing,Online Workshops,Copywriting,Writing Tech. Articles,SASS,Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals,Canva,Visual Studio Editor,Google Data Analytics,Slack,Scrum Master,Agile & Scrum Methodologies,Agile with Atlassian Jira,Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies,Technical SEO,Mobile and App SEO,SEO Performance Metrics,SEO Reports,SEO Content Audit and Technical Review,Creating an SEO Pitch,Google Analytics,Google Ads,Information Architecture,Web Development,Editing,Writing,On-Page SEO


    Stockholm (remote)

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    Front end Development / Web Development

    HTML5, CSS3, WordPress CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, and Bootstrap. Web Development I and II - Luleå Technical University

    5+ års erf.


    Social Media Marketing & SEO

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Advanced SEO Optimization Strategies Specialization Certification - University of California, Davis. SEO Specialization Certification - University of California, Davis. Facebook Social Media Marketing Specialization Certification

    5+ års erf.


    Design: Graphic Design / UX UI Design / Motion Graphics Design

    Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, InVision App, Axure Rapid Prototyping, etc. Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, and more. Digital Images - Umeå University

    5+ års erf.

    Företag jag har jobbat med:

    CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative), The Moon Society, etc.

    This is was a volunteer work for Cyber Security Forum Initiative (in USA): https://csfi.us/


    The goal was to prototype and redesign their old website.


    I delivered the prototype where I redesigned the header, body, and footer of the page giving it a modern look. I successfully organized the information architecture of the website.

    I delivered strategic advice in the form of a Zoom presentation and a 50-page research paper on the future of Immersive Technologies to ImmerseFX (from Bulgaria). They are now a company working for Hollywood and other big companies and have won many prizes.


    This was a paid project. The goal was to offer strategic advice to an exponential organization (ImmerseFX: https://immersefx.com/) on the Future of Immersive Technologies and answer 4 key questions.


    I delivered not 30 min but 1 hour of presentation and an extra 50-pages research paper on the future of Immersive Tech. also offering advice on the best path to take, which companies to contact, etc.

    I delivered strategic advice to Space Railroad Corporation.


    To guide them to find investment for their startup.


    I offered strategic advice guiding them towards key pitching events and decision makers and also offering advice on target groups, etc. Website: https://spacerailway.com/



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