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Bringing young professionals and businesses together.

Let’s put an end to risky recruitment and stressful staffing! Gigstr has replaced the expensive middle-man with technology, and gathered over 15.000 young professionals in one app. Post your gig for free and find your short-term or longer-term match, right in the Gigstr app. Manage your applications and even hire your personnel directly through Gigstr, we handle employer liability, payroll, and everything else. Worked well? Just recruit, without extra cost. Scandinavia’s largest and most flexible fully-digitalised staffing solution is now available in the U.K.


Create a profile

Download the app to create a profile. Become part of and access our active and growing 15.000+ community. Post gigs, join our event series, and get inspired!

Post gigs

Post ongoing or time-limited jobs on Gigstr, it's free. We vet all applicants before they show up on your screen. Invite the very best for interviews.

Get personal help

Contact us! Our in-app support is open during office hours and our helpcenter answers all your questions. Prefer a tailored solution? Reach out for account management.


When you and the candidate agree, you can do so directly via Gigstr. Hire via Gigstr, pay by card or invoice, and we take care of the rest.

Enjoy smooth & fair work

Our platform doesn’t allow payments below minimum wage and we add a mark for taxes, insurance, employer liability and admin. Let’s save you time and money!

Test first, recruit later

Unsure of your long-term needs or the skills you require? Hire by the hour first. If the conditions persist, recruit your staff directly into your business, without extra costs.



Are you not into apps?

Or, are you looking for a tailored solution? We get it, and want to help. Put the Gigstr app aside and let us provide you with a personal staffing solution. Be assigned a point of contact who leads recruitment, handles contracts and helps you solve your staffing needs. We promise that it’ll be simple, flexible and cost-effective. Try it out!

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