The What, Why and How

Get to know Gigstr, the app and the gigs

Gigstr makes it easy to work; for businesses, students and young professionals

An internal project led to the inception of Gigstr. Our founder, Rasmus, managed a Swedish communication agency with many freelancers tied to it. He wanted to find an easy way to administrate his staff.

He developed an app where a company could post its job roles and where people could apply for vacancies. All requisites such as personal coaching, reporting, payments, and insurances were included for gigstrs, making it a safe haven for gigging.

The solution exceeded all expectations and in 2016 Rasmus decided to discontinue his communication agency and invest all his efforts in the app. Today, Gigstr is present in multiple countries and is growing steadily.

How it works

Gigstr makes it easy to work; for businesses, students and young professionals. With Gigstr you can hire and get hired for gigs. We handle all admin, taxes, payments, insurances and employer liabilities.

Get the app, apply for gigs or post your own vacancies. When you hire, simply pay by card or invoice. If hired, you will receive your payout directly to your account, already taxed. Download the app or let us assist you.

We take care of: Taxes, Employer contributions, Occupational insurance (via CFC), Employer’s Liability, Employers contract, Employee contracts, Vacation pay and pensions, Administration, Time Reporting system


Skyrocket your business or career

Hire or get hired.


No hassle, just work

Pay by card or invoice, direct payout to your account, admin and liabilities handled.


Grow your business

Create a profile, post a gig, hire and pay via Gigstr.


Grow your career

Create a profile, get hired, get paid, take on more gigs.

What is a gig

A gig is a job, any job actually. On-going or time-limited