Tailored Staffing Solutions

Gigstr helps you hire and recruit great people for every position

Finding and hiring the right people is hard. Get a hassle-free and tailored staffing solution for your organisation.

Businesses face a constant shift in needs, and are therefore increasingly turning to staffing agencies for support. Some businesses use staffing as a strategy and others use it to identify future talents to recruit. With Gigstr you can try your staff first and then recruit, without extra cost.

Gigstr is a co-working platform. Just like your old staffing company, but more flexible, more cost efficient, and with less work on your side. Gigstr handles all the admin. Easy, fast, no sign up fees or hidden costs. You simply pay by the hour. No hassle, just work.

Post your job for free

Download the Gigstr app, for cost-free access to our co-working community, and:

  • Post your gig, for free
  • Receive a shortlisted candidate selection
  • Agree and sign automatically generated contracts
  • Use our safe and transparent payment options, only pay for activity
  • Enjoy seamless co-working with employer liability and payroll handled.


Get help within this and more:

Sales & Marketing
Hospitality & Event
Office & Finance
Most Other Service Areas


Are you not into apps?

Or, are you looking for a tailored solution? We get it, and want to help. Put the Gigstr app aside and let us provide you with a personal staffing solution. Be assigned a point of contact who leads recruitment, handles contracts and helps you solve your staffing needs. We promise that it’ll be simple, flexible and cost-effective. Try it out!

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