Terms and Conditions


Terms of use: These Terms of use govern the members’ use of the app Gigstr and will be approved by the member when he/she start using the app.

Membership: Membership is provided in accordance with the terms of these Terms of use and refers to a natural person.

Assignment: The word Assignment refers to customer Assignments listed on a list in the app. 

  1. Membership in Gigstr

2.1 Overview – How it works

  1. Download our app.
  2. Read and agree to Gigstr’s Terms of Use, this acts as our overall agreement.
  3. Create a profile and provide us with how you like to get paid. Options may vary between countries.
  4. Apply for one or several assignments, in one or several countries.
  5. Join one or several interviews and tests, if invited.
  6. Get an offer to take the assignment, if invited.
  7. Join one or several training sessions, if applicable.
  8. Arrive at your assignment and check-in.
  9. Conduct your workday.
  10. Check-out, review your day, provide the mandatory assignment related feedback, and submit your time card.
  11. Get paid in accordance to the assignment. Different assignments have different types of pay and we offer both fixed and commission based pay. Information about this is of course always provided in the job offer. It is important for us that you as a member feel secure and are well informed about how everything works, prior to starting an assignment. You are always welcome to get in contact and get help.

2.2 Explanations

In order to become member in Gigstr requires that you are 18 years old. Membership is personal and it cannot be transferred without Gigstr’s prior consent. You register by creating an account on Gigstr and choose a personal password, or by logging in to Facebook. After the creation of the account the member registers his or her personal profile including account number, bank information or other payment info. The member is responsible for the data entered being correct and updated.

Through membership the member has an opportunity to apply for the Assignments listed in a list on the app. Gigstr contacts the members through the app or email to set up an interview. A member, however, has no obligation to take an Assignment which he/she has applied for. After the interviews have been conducted Gigstr can choose to send an offer that the member can choose to accept or not. Upon accepting an offer, Gigstr schedules the member and provides all vital information regarding the assignment directly in the schedule. The Member then gets to join one or several training sessions preparing the Member for the specific job.

Gigstr does not guarantee that members will be invited to interviews or that they will get any Assignments. A Member, when not on an assignment, may at any time terminate his or her membership and delete his or her account on Gigstr, or delete it on his or her device. If the Member chooses to leave Gigstr when active on, or schedule for, an assignment he or she should show good will and team spirit by solving the situation in the best possible way together with his or her contact person at Gigstr.

  1. Member obligations

Member agrees to use the app in accordance with these Terms of use in such a way that does not infringe or harm Gigstr or a third party, or is in violation of applicable law.

Username and password are personal and must be kept in a secure manner to avoid unauthorized access by third parties.

  1. Ownership of member data 

Member data and associated intellectual property rights that the member registers in the app and is stored or processed through the app will remain the property of the member and shall not be used in any other way than as agreed in these Terms of use or by a separate agreement between the member and Gigstr. This does not include reported data, pictures and movies connected to an assignment.

  1. Reporting, schedule and assignment agreements.

When a member gets an offer for an assignment, he or she will also be presented a specified job description, salary, pay duration and schedule. This specification can also bee found in the schedule in the app, and serves as an assignment agreement.

When starting an assignment the member is required to check in via the app Gigstr, and when ending an assignment the member is required to check out via the app Gigstr. Checking in and out is done directly in the app Gigstr in the schedule section. The member is also required to carefully read and take part of the instructions included in the scheduled assignment, directly in the app.

During and after an assignment the member will be asked to report data, pictures and movies necessary to follow up the assigned assignment. Reporting is vital, required and a part of each assignment and thereby a basis for receiving pay. Gigstr reserves the right to withhold payments until a complete report is conducted and received, according to the given instructions in the schedule or if the member fails to check in and out of his or her assignment.

Data, pictures and movies will be used in reports and promotional purposes for for example reports to clients and pictures in social media. If the member wishes Gigstr not to use attached pictures or movies for promotional purposes, he or she needs to inform his or her Success Manager about that prior accepting an assignment.

  1. Processing of personal data and banking data

Members’ personal information and banking data are handled for administration of the Assignments on the Member’s behalf, and in accordance with these Terms of Use and in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998: 204) (PUL). The user gives his or her consent to the member’s personal information is de-identified so that traceability is not possible, to make the basis for market and customer analysis, business and methodological development and for statistical purposes on an aggregated level.

Personal data available in connection with the contractual relationship, could be processed both in Sweden and in the EU and outside the EU / EEA.

All appropriate technical and organizational measures will be taken to protect members’ personal data processed on the member’s behalf under the provisions of the Personal Data Act.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Upon termination of the treatment of the member’s personal data, all data containing personal information shall be destroyed.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Gigstr owns all intellectual property rights to this app. Gigstr is responsible for ensuring that they hold all the rights to use the software to be able to provide the membership in Gigstr. The Member receives no right to any software or any other intellectual property rights. The Member may not copy or modify the programs or allow any other person to do so. The Member is not entitled to obtain the software source code, nor may investigate, change or modify this.

  1. Confidentiality

All information that the Member registers on Gigstr will be strictly confidential. “Confidential Information” means all information which the Member registers on Gigstr. The confidentiality does not apply when a party is required by law to disclose information. The Member shall nevertheless be informed before such disclosure is made.

  1. Modification of terms

These Terms of use may be changed and all changes will be notified by giving the user the information regarding this in the app.

  1. Transfer of rights and obligations

Gigstr has the right to assign its rights and obligations under these Terms of use. Furthermore, Gigstr has the right to engage subcontractors to the performance of their duties.

  1. Breach of contract, etc.

Gigstr is entitled to turn off a member and terminate the account if the Member does not comply with these Terms of use, or instructions and directions from Gigstr, or uses the app in a way that might harm or violate Gigstr or a third party or is in violation with applicable law.

  1. Responsibility

Gigstr cannot guarantee availability and that all information is constantly updated and correct. Gigstr is not responsible for the information and any damage or loss suffered by the member as a result of the delay in information, interruptions or non-delivery of data, loss of data or the like. Gigstr shall have no liability for any financial or other decisions based on the use of the app.

  1. Marketing

By its membership in the app the member approves that he/she will take part of marketing promotions in the app.

  1. Dispute and governing law.

Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms of use and related legal matters shall be settled by public court. Swedish law shall be applicable, if noting else has been agreed upon.